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Bonspiel Rules of Play

Rules of Play 


The Nova Scotia Construction Curling Association has adopted a pooled format for their annual bonspiel. All teams are divided into groups or pool, the number depending on the number of entries. Preliminary or round robin games are played, and teams are ranked based on these results and placed in the A,B or C events.  Seeding is based first on Won/Loss/Tie record and secondly on points scored for all teams. The overall top 8 teams will be placed in the “A” event, teams 9 through 16 in the “B” event and 17 through 24 in the “C” event, regardless of placing in an individual pool or the number of pools.  Playoff rounds will proceed in a single knockout format. The “A” event Semifinals losers will play an additional game dubbed the “A Mini”, for which a winner and runner up will also be recognized.


All round robin or group play will be 4 ends. Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals play 6 ends. Final games can be shortened if agreed on by both teams prior to starting. Seeding for playoffs shall be by win-loss-tie, and points scored second, followed by overall Plus-Minus. Any additional ties will be broken by a draw to the button by skips or a coin toss.


Skips are asked to request and/or confirm spare requirements with the Starters Desk Priority will be given to those curlers registered as Bonspiel Spares.


All games will be governed by the FREE GUARD ZONE rule. This means, the first Five rocks of the end, may not be removed from play unless they are in the house (rings). If any rock comes to rest outside the rings (but in play) between the tee line and hog line, then it shall not be removed from play. It can be relocated to another position, but not removed. If a rock is removed, then it shall be replaced in a position as close as possible to the original location, and the rock thrown by the offending team shall be removed. If you have any questions on this rule, please speak with an experienced curler. Curlingsheet


If a player is absent from a game without notifying the Committee, or if he/she misses two consecutive games, then the named substitute carries on as if they were a member of the original team. Please keep this in mind during the final games, as your substitute may end of winning a prize in your absence.


Players much check in at least five minutes before the game time, otherwise the Committee will choose a substitute. The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute if the player fails to be on the ice at the time the game is called, even though he/she has checked in at the Starters Desk.


Substitutes will be picked by the Committee with a preference going to non-scheduled members.


If a player reports to the Committee that he/she will be late he/she may resume his/her position if he/she arrives and is on the ice, ready to play prior to the first rock of the second end being delivered. Otherwise his/her position is forfeited and the appointed substitute carries on for that game. If no notice is given to the Committee member on duty before the game time, the appointed substitute becomes a permanent member of the team.


PRELIMINARY ROUNDS: There are no tie breakers for preliminary rounds in the round robin format. Games end and are recorded as ties.

QUARTER and SEMI FINAL TIE BREAKERS:  Each player of both teams will throw one draw to the button in alternating sequence.  Points will be awarded as follows:

Biting the button:                                       5 points
Biting the 4 foot:                                        4 points
Biting the 8 foot:                                        3 points
Biting the 12 foot:                                      2 points
Anywhere in the Free Guard Zone:          1 point

Points will be accumulated and confirmed by the opposing team.  The team scoring the most points will be determined the winner.  Sweeping is permitted by the throwing team only. If still tied, skips will throw again until a winner is declared

All final games will require a full end to break the tie and determine the winner. The semi-final format can be adopted at the discretion of both teams.


No player can ask another player to take his/her place. Only the Operations Committee can make this choice.


No individual is entitled to play in any specific position. Every curler is expected to curl either as lead, second, mate or skip.