Schedule of Events

Wednesday Feb 6th, 2019

7:30am-9:30am     Toonie Breakfast

8:00am                    Instruction for Beginners

8:30am                    Curling Begins

12:00-2:00              LUNCH (provided)

4:30pm                   Draw to the Button

5:00-7:00                DINNER (provided)

10:30pm                Curling Ends for the Day

Thursday Feb 7th, 2019

7:30am-9:30am      Toonie Breakfast

8:00am                     Quarter Finals

12:00-2:00                LUNCH (provided)

12:30pm                   Semi Finals/Senior Curling

Afternoon                Championship Finals

6:30pm                    RECEPTION & AWARD

                                  BANQUET at the Westin Nova